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The movie Kick-Ass inspired me to start creating.


Hence the quote from the movie: ‘Kick-Ass was gone but not forgotten, And my world was much safer with all the new superheroes. They said I was their inspiration. But all I did was make a door in the world I dreamed about when I was a little kid.’ 

Thats what i wanted to do, to create a door into the unkown. To be able to create endless life paths for myself. And become smarter and learn along the way. 

The movie launched in 2010, I was 10 at the time. It was around that age that I heard Breathe by the Prodigy for the first time.


It tells the story of an ordinary teenager,Dave Lizewski, who sets out to become a real-life superhero, calling himself "Kick-Ass". He has no superpowers, he is just an ordinary teenager. He might not be the strongest or the smartest superhero of all time. But his power to believe in himself is so big that he could really make a difference to inspire others.


And that’s what I was destined to do. 

9 years later I launched my website.

Kick ass.png


First project 2020 

Posters, rave art expo and video 

The Collection


Before Club Foetus was born, I released a video of my first hat collection under the name ‘The Concept Of Human Development'. I displayed 8 different hats that were screen-printed with 8 equally different designs.  

I believe that selling hats is an aesthetic way of sharing a message. I find it comfortable to work with irony. As I thought to myself, how can I combine irony and humor in a way it translates to the youth and underground? 

With a love for videography and music, I wanted to create a healthy combination of meaning and humor. And music can give it the right amount of spice when needed.  To find a balanced message within a balanced medium.  

My medium of choice is video combined with a great song. Preferably a song that no one has ever heard in their life.  

Within the video spectrum, I'm able to show different emotions in a blink of an eye, and in this day and age where the latest pictogram at a train station is ‘Prohibited to ride on a hoverboard’, I'm more than sure that I can reach the biggest part of my audience through social media platforms.


I portrayed the hats in a video where I let my friends dance to a song by Nasenbluten – Intellectual killer. Nasenbluten - Intellectual Killer 


The song makes it look tough and has great power within itself. Also, the genre portrayed itself as cuntcore/breakbeat I thought that was hilarious. 

I found it was important to use multiple people of origin and different backgrounds. That’s why I chose to have diversity among the people inside the video. The video was shot by Maggie Lung. 


The concept of the video was simply based on rave culture. Brands like MISBHV and VETEMENTS at the time; Wanted to re-appropriate the club scene through clothes. I wanted to do the same but I didn’t want it to be too serious.  

I wanted to make people laugh and think! But I was not sure how to do it.  


These were the captions: 

  • I love you but, im in a K-hole 

  • Anarchy / Anti-police symbol (Killing of George Floyd at the time) 

  • Spidergirl 

  • The Concept Of Human Development 

  • Covid-69 

  • Pain Hub (Porn Hub fond) 

  • Sexor (Album by Tiga) 

  • Manic Panic (Album by The Horrorist) 

The Horrorist made an Instagram post with the hat. 

Around my 20th birthday in August, I planned to go to Paris and have a photoshoot. I asked my friend Vitaly if he could model for me. I gave him a hat for the effort.  

As time went on I started really digging into music. I wanted to know what the scene looked like before I was born. I remember 8-year-old me finding a Bonzai records CD of my dad. I could not stop listening to it, I was completely in trance. I never heard a sound like that before. I also vaguely remember a publicity that aired around the year 2010. They used the song Thunderball by Bonzai Channel one. When I first heard it on the radio it was my favorite radio publicity I ever heard. Thunderball - Bonzai goes (2 guys 1 party edit) 

Also, my mother was not fond of that type of music because it reminded her of the XTC generation of her time. Maybe she was scared I was going to turn into a junkie. 

I believe that publicity and younger me figuring out how extreme and explosive this scene was created an unstoppable idea in my head to show this to other people.  

It is also a great part of the evolution within the Belgium music scene a lot of people my age did not know about. Everything these days is so consumed. What was it like before people had phones? They used flyers and posters to make an advertisement for their party. The question arose, how do we attract as much attention as possible? --> they used themes of iconic horror movies, sex and rock & roll.


After the release of the caps I made that sold out immediately, I received the opportunity to use the gallery of my dad. It is not a big space. But the perfect size to represent the things I could make.


I got inspired by sneeze magazine and the flyers and posters I collected to make my poster bundle. I searched for graphic artists who wanted to collaborate on making a couple of designs I could put inside the bundle.  

I found: 

  • Daniel Cantrell (2x posters) from Spain 

  • Dima Bolokhov (1x poster) from Russia 

  • Ange De La Rue (3x posters) from France 

  • Rakel (1x poster) from Antwerp 

  • Lars (x1 poster) from Brussels 

  • Me (2 posters)


I made one poster representing the baby of Lennart Nilsson’s ‘The beginning’. The reason was that I really liked the concept of ‘the beginning’, birth and purity.  The second poster I made was a study behind different vinyl labels. I made this poster for my go-to vinyl shop in Antwerp. Warrecords. The owner of the record shop also gave me the opportunity to grow in the search for music. This poster was dedicated to him.  

As I made my first real investment I did not know how to attract more people to the gallery and asked myself what would bring even more people inside than just some posters I made.  

As I kept on searching I suddenly found on a Facebook group gabbers only a lot of magazines that were all from Thunderdome. I realized this was a great investment for my research and i contacted the man who was selling them.  

I managed to get a good price and I went to Sittard in the Netherlands to pick them up. I brought a big travel bag just in case I could not fit everything inside my Delhaize bag.  


I met the guy, great dude. We talked a lot about our music and the scene it used to be. He was called ‘Mol’. He used to be a party host and DJ in U.H.M.  


He told me that he was happy to help me out with the research and said he was going to look for flyers if he could find any.  


As time went on I started to scan the magazines and gave people the opportunity to swipe through these magazines with a web application I used on my site. I received a lot of great feedback from this and I was happy to be able to show people these magazines on my site, it gave it another dimension. Not only CD booklets but also actual magazines which people could read the content from.  


Later throughout the year, ‘Mol’ contacted me again that he found a big box of flyers in his attic. He asked me to come over to look at them. Without hesitating, I booked a ticket to Sittard for next week.  


One week later I met up with ‘Mol’ and said he found some more flyers. And I could not believe my eyes. The graphics were nothing I had ever seen before. I immediately knew what to do. Combine the visual artifacts and the posters I made in one expo for about a month during August.  


Before my dad went to Italy I needed to shoot a video where I wanted to visualize the power and the scene. A little promotional video where I could tell the people where to come and when the expo would take place.  


I wanted a teenage room, i got inspired by the shoot of ‘VETEMENTS’ where they used a lot of vintage movie posters and band flags to recreate the teenage room from kids of the nineties. Mol also told me that everyone that went to the raves and concerts kept the flyers and used them to completely fill every white space on the walls of their bedroom.

I also got inspired by the timeless group ‘The Prodigy’. I saw Keith Flint's latest gig at Lokerse Feesten a couple of months before he killed himself. He still is a huge inspiration and a true pioneer within the rave scene. It also would give the video a more international feel, because of the band breaking through internationally. A friend of mine who happened to have the messy room I was looking for, spontaneously participated in the video and the promotional video of the ‘rave art expo’ was born. Ideal because he had the same hair as Keith Flint.  


The Prodigy - 'Breathe' 

As song i chose one of my favorite tracks from The Horrorist. It showed realness, action and despair. Run for Your Life - The Horrorist 


I also found an old Thunderzine where an editorial was made for him as he had the best track from 1996 ‘Flesh is the fever’.  


When the sun became hotter and summer started to enter our mood I began to decorate the gallery for the first time. I used more than 1000 pins to hang every single flyer on the wall. I also managed to get an old television from my friend Matidrome who also happened to have 3 original Thunderdome VHS tapes with the iconic video of the rave in Antwerpen Sportpaleis in 1997. Thunderdome 1997 | Official Live Registration Part 2 


I pinned the posters I made with the artists I found on the walls aswell.  


For drinks, I went to the Polish supermarket and bought the most aesthetic-looking cans I could find. As time flew by the opening of the expo landed. It was a great success.  


I managed to attract a lot of people who actually went to Thunderdome and other discotheques throughout Belgium. I saw a lot of gabbers and was able to talk to them about what the scene looked like and where their weekend used to take place.  


The more people I met the more I started to have a feeling that Club Foetus was more than just a platform that re-appropriated the visuals nostalgically. Instead, I found the idea to look for balance within every medium; whether it were products, flyers, music, or videos to be able to give birth to a new one.  


I began wondering if this project could somehow, build a bridge between subcultures within the music scene and the contemporary culture of music and art. 

When the exposition was over I still had a lot of posters in stock so one day i decided to search for a cool bookshop where i could be able to sell my stock of posters. The first bookshop on my list was Panoply. They sell a lot of funky old books and the 2 guys from the store are very warm and lovely.

I arranged a wooden A1 poster holder where I could put the posters I made inside a sleeve. Because I was working in Mediamarkt I was able to get a thick plastic cover to use as a support piece so the posters are nice and even. And you could look at it without damaging it.  


I asked the guys from panoply if I could sell my posters in their store and they liked the proposal and we made a deal.  


After the first exhibition being a success I felt a huge weight on my shoulders. I wanted to prove to myself that I could do more. I always wanted to make clothes, n, but never really tried it. A friend of mine Wouter said he knew a guy from Leuven who is really busy with creating his own pieces and had the know-how to create heat transfers and embroidery garments. His name is Milan De Keyser he owns a brand called Hidden Gems. I contacted him with the question if he could learn me some more about how to do embroidery and how to actually make clothes.  


I made many collages at the time and I knew how to use InDesign and photoshop a little bit, so we started hanging out more and he learned me how to make clothes. We first thought of collaborating together but as time went by we realized that I never really showed people what my true perception of my universe was through clothes. So eventually I ended up making my  collection first which consisted of: 

  • The Alien T-shirt 

  • The opium Eye T-shirt 

  • The Camo Spawn hoodie 

  • The Purple Polyrock Hoodie  

  • The Crest bomberjacket (personal) W.I.P.

And 10 caps with 10 equally different designs.  

  • Kill the Kardashians (wich made me shadowbanned on instagram due to promoting violence) 

  • Thai massage  

  • Believes, attittudes and human affairs 

  • Pigeon superstition 

  • Jesus recovery program 

  • Narcotics Anonymous 

  • Death it’s just the beginning 

  • The sacred mushroom: key to the door of eternity  

  • The Christian Way 

  • Polyrock x COHD 

I also wanted to be able to give customers the choice of choosing a color. So I chose to go for 4 different colors, red, purple, black and pink.  

For the promotional video of this project i shot a video with 4 indiviuals, I wanted to represent a band of some sort. I got inspired by the cover art of Slowdive souvlaki.  

Four people with four different stories. 

It was shot on the hottest day of summer in the garden of Bart Peeters. I knew his son and I was searching for a caravan to redecorate. He had a caravan that he did not use. So a day before the shoot I went to his house to clean up his garden and start decorating a bit for the shoot the next day. 


I stumbled upon trauma blankets that were galvanized in silver and the other side in gold. I managed to completely pack the caravan with trauma foil. It looked like a looney bin, it thought that was cool.


The space that was created with the trauma blankets represents a safe space. A place where felt safe. The galvanized blankets were a metaphore. 

Attributes i brought with where:  

  • Bass guitar  

  • Electric guitar 

  • Nunchuks  

  • A speaker 

  • A lot of trauma blankets 

  • “Dream your dreams alive” flag 

The song I chose was “Born to be alive” by Patrick Hernandez. Because it suits perfectly with the logo. Hence it is an unborn baby.  

And also it refers to being alive. 


I asked everyone to give me a photo of themselves as a toddler. I wanted to make the evolution of the mind clear through video. We all started as a toddler not knowing about certain feelings and the meaning behind things. I wanted to protray everyone with a big tableau holding their own picture as a kid.  


The toddler picture represents our unbothered consciousness when we were small. By letting the models hold the picture of themselves I wanted to represent the message that we want to hold on to the feeling of a stressless life. (The concept of human development and its consequences)


We did not really plan out the day we just had fun. It would’ve been nicer if it was a little bit less hot. 

The ring

After making the collection of clothes, I decided to make a ring.  A sort of community seal that people wearing the ring could give a nod to each other when they see someone else wearing it. A certain symbol people could relate to. 


I got inspired by social anthropology in a club environment, the way everybody is a victim in his own world. And also the way that some people might think that they are the most hated person.


Why do we go dance to hard music? To escape reality and come together as individuals who have a coherent problem going on.


I see the future of Club Foetus as being an actual place you can go to. And the ring would give you free entrance.


I made the ring with my friend Lars. We 3D modeled it and send the 3D printed ring to a silversmith. There were only 30 made. People who helped me with things like video/photos or just being there for me, in general, got a ring as a gift.


I really like the concept of creating a ring now, so in the future, I could look back upon the first people who shared the message.


It’s also hard to make a duplicate. That’s what I like about it. The timelessness.


It represents a concept, not a status symbol. It might have a certain exclusiveness because of there only being 30, but it is the meaning that counts. The embrace and the acceptance that we all have our problems and we are not here to judge them... That is one of the reasons the logo is a baby. It makes us remember the time before we knew the concept of feeling anxiety. By projecting the baby I want to reinforce that idea. And just create a thought-free zone where people could be themselves.


I got inspired by wax letter stamps. These Old stamps were used to close letters with a candle. And like family house crests.  

I wanted to create a community where other people could relate to. And try to make it as cool as possible.


In the future, I want to make more rings and update the logo. So other people that relate to this way of thinking can have the opportunity to buy something that represents it.


Important note: You don’t need a ring to be part of Club Foetus, once you understand and participate in the message you are considered a member.

The ring video

When we decided to shoot the video for the ring I asked myself how can this video look cool?


Also, the video of the ring got shot before figuring out the real meaning behind the item.


I already planned a little bit out on what would look funny on camera. I bought 6 bottles of the cheapest red wine from Aldi and 2 jars of pickles, Joe coles book Planet Joe, All the rings, a poster from Kurt Cobain from Nirvana, a psychedelic rock shirt in blue, A flag with a heartagram from the love metal band him. 


I thought it could look cool if the rings would sit in a jar of pickles. The pickles looked like an alien penis. I really wanted to combine weirdness and randomness in one video.  

I asked my friend Lander if i could film their cats. They had 2 sfinx cats who are very special looking.  


At first, I had the idea to paste sticky tattoos on to sfinx kitten and pose with them and the rings. But after thinking about it, it could irritate the skin of the cats.  


So I decided to remake a witch-like ritual. I taped down the HIM flag on the coffee table in the living room of my friend’s apartment. And I went and put rings in the corner of every pointy part from the pentagram. In the middle, I put “catisfactions” so both the cats would come and eat it. We managed to get the cats in the middle of the circle.  


I wanted to combine the weirdness with the cats – witchcraft – community seal – corpsepaint – grunge rock – psychedelic rock and rave in one video.  

“Forza” by SKUUM and “Fuck Shit Stack” by Rejji Watts were the songs that I used. 


Reggie Watts:  Fuck Shit Stack 

I rather wanted to look for a place with nice colors and a nice setting so I didn’t have to recreate an environment. We filmed in the apartment without adding huge amounts of extras. Later we went to a parking lot to break these bottles of wine over the rings. It looked like blood. The gushing of the wine looked like a waterfall.  

The flag

Like the ring that represents the community and message, a flag must be created that could do the same thing. 


I designed an old graphic I found from a gabber completely going bonkers with the tekst ‘dream your dreams’ alive above it. It was a little wink for the rave art expo I did before and also a little foreshadowing for the book that was going to be released during the middle of the second exhibition.  


The sentence dream your dreams alive conveys a strong message that encourages people to go for their dreams and at least try to make them happen. 


The contrast between a person being in the middle of extreme escapism and the message to dream your dreams alive suggests everything is possible and you should always strive for the best inside you.  

The second expo

For the second expo, I knew I wanted to redesign the gallery with something else. Last time I did the gabber scene, this time I wanted to explore the grunge rock scene. I wanted to be able to give the promotional video a physical heart. 


I also kept in mind that I was going to sell clothes and T-shirts so I looked for mannequins that I could place throughout the gallery. I managed to score 3 of these mannequins.  


I gave all the mannequins full outfits and masks. One of them had a bear mask, the other one was an alien and I gave him the nunchucks that were used in the video.  


At the feet of these mannequins, I spread out the coolest newspaper covers I could find from Rolling Stone. I once found them at a flea market.  


Next to the mannequins in the front of the gallery, I used a silver-colored ladder where I could present the caps. I also put a bass guitar on the ground. It looked like an interdimensional band.  


When you entered you could see a soft wall in red jaguar print. I went and bought 14 meters of this jaguar print to cover one wall completely. Next to the wall, there was the rocket I made.  


When you went down the stairs you could see that part of the ceiling was covered in trauma foil like in the video. I decided to use gold on the ceiling and silver on the right side of the gallery. Because the clothing rack was silver too.  


On the right side of the gallery, you could see a 45min video of behind-the-scenes footage when we shot our promotional videos. The television was standing on a stand covered in red jaguar print as well. There also was a beige zebra-printed chair standing next to it. Under the television, you could see the evolution of the making of the crest. (see crest) 


Above the television, there was the flag hanging ‘Dream your dreams alive’ and also the HIM flag from the ring video.  


I wanted the gallery to smell good so i used some sandalwood to give the gallery a nice scent. There was also music playing from the playlist I made for the concept. “Walking to the after-club in Celine 2” 


When you went up the stairs you could see the third mannequin with a yellow jaguar printed face and a full outfit.  


On the table, all of the clothes were exposed, and the ring was standing next to the television with orange Lillies next to it.  


In front of the building, you have a ball machine in gold that I made for the exposition at the same time as the rocket. If you put 50 cents inside the ball machine you would receive a little toy.  


I planned to first do a silent opening so I could start easy and the next week on a Saturday i wanted to do a big opening where I also presented the book that was made with swimming pool space.  


I was open every day from 16:00 to 20:00. 

The rocket

Throughout the search of me and Milan, we came up with the idea to rent a warehouse together, so that we could work on our projects consistently.  


Before the warehouse, I was working at Brico in the Quellinstraat, very convenient because my workplace was right next to Milan’s house. Brico always used to have these ball machines where you could put a coin of 50cents in or 1euro and you would receive a little toy.  


One day these ball machines were brought inside the stock of Brico, And I asked my manager if I was able to take them home with me. He told me to contact the owner of the ball machine, so I did.  


His name is Steve, he owned a company called BLV. After my phone call of me asking him if it was possible to buy these ball machines, we scheduled an appointment in Deurne.  


When I arrived he showed me a couple of actual carts where a child could sit inside of. And it could move around and make sounds. I was able to buy 2 of these vehicles and I put them in the warehouse I was renting with Milan. I bought a rocket and a taxi, the rocket was still working. The taxi needed a fix-up.  


When I moved the vehicles inside the warehouse I immediately started working on them, it took me a good 6 months to finish one of them. 


I got fired at Brico and started working at MediaMarkt with a full-time contract. I hated it profoundly. Every day I took the time to work a little bit on the rocket, it was winter at the time. The warehouse was situated in Borgerhout and I worked in Schoten. Which are quite far from each other. 


First of I started to sand the rocket. It took a really long time because it was almost the same age as me. The 2 component varnish had really crept into the layers of the frame.  

  • I started taping everything off.  

  • I repainted the rocket in white, I gave it 3 layers.  

  • I repainted the stand of the rocket in black, I also gave it multiple layers.  

  • I used Posca markers and generally black, blue, red, and green markers to detail the rocket.  

  • I gave the booster of the rocket a thick layer of red and Yellow acrylic paint with a little sculpting tool.  

  • On the inside of the seat, I glued an actual praying mat. I cut the praying mat in shape with a Dremel tool.  

The rocket project really helped me take my time, I never really took my time and I always wanted to rush everything as fast as possible. Some days I wasn’t able to write or draw anything. But it made me more persistent in what I wanted to achieve and what message I wanted to show with this artwork.  


The meaning behind the rocket is complex. I used themes that were very hardening in my head during that time. I was feeling very misunderstood. It represents a form of existentialism that we only figure out by taking a ride in life. The rocket represents the journey.  


The artwork is called ‘self-love rocket’.  


So i started expressing how i felt trough drawings and poems that i drew or wrote on the frame.  

I drew multiple drawings that were critisizing topics like:  

  • The glorification of smoking weed.  

  • The Mandela effect  

  • The symbolism of different religions throughout the world 

  • The Jewish tree of life 

  • Doubt 

  • Guilt  

  • Love 

  • The Omega symbol 

  • ‘The Concept of Human Development’ in Arabic 

  • The Ohm symbol  

  • The Pentagram 

  • The Dreamworks logo 

  • Noise canceling headphones  

  • Facebook  

  • Suicide 

  •  The Looney Tunes wolf 

  • “Fly your freak flag!  – fool your friends! - Freak your folks! - Foil the Feds! – Forever!” 

  • Quotes from the book Planet Joe written from the diary of Joe Cole who got shot by a shotgun at age 27. He was touring with Black Flag and the Rollins band in the eighties. The thing I liked about Joe Cole is that he has a so-called ‘waste detector’ and I recognize that in myself.  

  • “Is this you? Of course not well, there’s been an accident!!! No one’s quite sure how it happened, but we seem to be in the process of recovering.  

  • Consent  

  • Symbolic signs of evil troughout the middle ages  

  • Blood 

  • La vache qui rit 

  • Self love 

  • Eyes  

  • Sight 

  • The house of Trix 

  • New York 

  • Le Rosay ‘a swiss school for elite rich children’ 

  • House crests 

  • Xenomorphs 

  • Bridges 

  • Bluetooth 

  • The analysis of a rainworm (rainworm facts) 

  • Forze the hardcore label 

  • Fetusses 

  • Osama Bin Laden  

  • Hentai 

  • “1001 ways to live without working” 

  • Breakdown  

  • The Batman logo 

  • You = responsible 

  • Mysticism for you and me 

  • Pornstars who have died  

  • “I don’t even smoke weed” 

  • Chlorox  

  • Poison 

  • The stealing fox  

  • “Don’t be the hero, or the expert, or the rescuer. Just walk beside them.”  

  • Poison 

  • Relationships 


The rocket represents one’s journey throughout a lifetime where you get to know different feelings and emotions. I used the rocket as a metaphor because you can take a seat inside and you control the steering wheel. How you decide the direction in your life.  


I portrait Anton (9 years old) inside the rocket, I remember younger me receiving my first batch of intense emotions around his age.  


It represents a kid that unknowingly steers the steering wheel without knowing where his destination at the end will be.  


The fact that certain directions have certain consequences, and that we are not aware of them before taking a decision. Whether it was good or bad. (The concept of human development) 


The rocket also represents my alignment with my heart and soul.  

The book

After scanning every flyer and almost every gabber magazine I came across, I was able to represent a beautiful bundle of visual artifacts. I worked together with my friends from swimmingpool space. 


I had such a huge amount of flyers we could bundle a book out. So we did.  


I made the cover and the selection. Thibault did the pressing and corrections and Lien wrote the texts.  


Entry stamps face, bruises heal and your head will stop pounding at one point. The only evidence a rave truly leaves behind – besides of course a collective, sentimental memory of shared euphoria, are... its flyers.  


This publication outlines archaeology in the Foucauldian sense of the word, offering a glimpse of the rich legacy of visual imagery of Belgian and Dutch rave culture that peaked in its diversity during the last decade of the 20th century. 


Like any decade, the nineties had a tone of voice specifically marked by the rise of the Internet that ushered in a radical new era of communication. Before the world turned into a permanent office, flyers were a very effective way of getting your message out to the public. Are they still relevant networking tools today? In a way, yes. Implying that we wouldn’t label them as the dinosaurs of communication, that vacancy is permanently occupied by the answering machines that managed to survive up till now, but it is true that today’s flyers are much more nuanced. They’re here to help remind us of something rather than being active “announcers”. They are often limited to the imposed occasional coupon for takeout or the handouts you willingly collect (read: hoard) at a fair or art opening and take home as a souvenir. In the nineties, whether you wanted to generate support for a project, spread the word about an event or inform the public about your lost cat or cheating boyfriend, flyers were the medium of choice to help you communicate with community members. 


Further inside the book. 

Throughout the second year of creating I got inspired to create my house crest. Just like universities or high societies. I liked the idea of creating a shield logo that represents the different values of Club Foetus.  


I like the idea that a crest can be recognized as a logo but in a more subtle and elegant way. It also gives a certain amount of prestige and exclusiveness.  

The crest is divided into 5 different parts. 


1. Left top corner  

In the left top corner of the crest you can see a baby in the womb.  

  • Metaphysical meaning of birth: 
    The awakening of man to a consciousness of his unity with the one universal Spirit; the change from mortal to spiritual consciousness through the power of the word of Truth. It is the change that comes here and now. 


2. Right top corner   

You can see the letter L in the daggers alphabet and the eye of providence. (Relgious representation of the all seeing eye) in my intrepretation it means the third eye.  

  • In spirituality, the third eye often symbolizes a state of enlightenment. The third eye is often associated with religious visions, clairvoyance, the ability to observe chakras and auras, precognition, and out-of-body experiences. 

3. Left bottom corner 

You see 3 armadillos.  

  • In nature, the Armadillo is a digger. They burrow in the dirt, digging up roots; this speaks of a curious Spirit and the ability to search out information to help clarify situations and opportunities. Note that while Armadillo’s exploration is external, human seekers can also use this lesson to look within. No matter your age, there are always new and interesting things to discover in yourself and in the world. Don’t settle for superficiality. 

  • Armadillo symbolism is wrapped up with other key vibrations, including those for peace, symmetry, kindness, hope, fairness, and empathy. Armadillo Medicine teaches us how to figuratively walk a mile in another’s shoes, so we better understand the reason for their actions/inactions and attitudes. This builds compassionate living. 


4. Right bottom corner 

You see the omega symbol and the crown.  

  • Metaphysical meaning of Omega: the last; the end; the objective; the fulfillment; the consummation; perfection; restitution. (the restoration of something lost or stolen to its proper owner.) 

  • The last letter of the Greek alphabet, "I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end" (Rev. 22:13). 

  • The beginning and the end; signifies the allness of Truth. 

  • Metaphysical meaning of crown: Crown -That which imparts honor or splendor. Highest state or quality. The crown of eternal life is the prize to all who overcome the carnal mind. 

5. The centre 

You see the soul. 

  • Metaphysical meaning of soul: The Scriptures give spirit, soul, and body as constituting all of man. Spirit is I AM, the same in character as Divine Mind, or God. The soul is man's consciousness--that which he has apprehended or developed out of Spirit; also the impressions that he has received from the outer world. Soul is both conscious and subconscious. Body is the form of expression of both spirit and soul. When man puts out of consciousness all limitations and realizes the perfection of Spirit, his body will be perfect; in other words the salvation of the soul results in the redemption or spiritualization of the body.


  • All these are things; and are undergoing constant change. They appear to progress from lower to higher forms; men have observed this progression and called it evolution. This perpetual change is symbolic of man's consciousness--which is going through just such an evolutionary process as is observed in the planet. 

  • The soul touches both the inner realm of Spirit, from which it receives direct inspiration, and the external world, from which it receives impressions.  

  • The spirit is the divine center in man and is always in the Absolute; it does not become involved in effects but stands as the creative Cause of the absolute good. 


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